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Over the Years, we've had a lot of experience behind websites & SERPs in the Roofing Industry, spanning many service areas & markets
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Expert Search Engine Optimization for Roofing Websites, Roofing Companies & Roof Repair Contractors

SEO Services

We have a lot here. We don’t tend to offer them a la carte, but this is what potentially goes into any SEO Campaign that we launch. We’re open to a la carte, but it will depend on the project if we are willing to do so. Executing just one of these alone will not be enough straws to interpolate the camel’s back. In that way, we won’t sell you (1) egg to make an omelette.

Schema Markup
Schema markup has become important, especially in the era of Hummingbird and RankBrain. Exactly how a search engine interprets the various context of any query determines the actual quality of search results. Schema can provide needed context to what would have otherwise been an ambiguous webpage. Taking these steps on your web content provides laser focus to specific queries to help your content get served for those of your priorities.
On-Page Optimization
On-page Search Engine Optimization is the art of optimizing web pages on an individual level to rank higher and get more relevant traffic in search engine results. On-page specifically refers to both the public-facing content and the HTML source code of any page that can be optimized through manipulation and alteration. Basically it is the granular, fine-toothed comb. We find small improvements and advantages that can — in the sum of all parts — create a much more optimal page better suited to climb Google’s sort order, as well as compete with and ultimately surpass other businesses with which you are fighting over the same digital real estate.
Domain Migration
Domain issues and migration comes up more often that one would think, especially if you have historically outsourced your website to a third party. Web design companies close, critical personnel leave and nobody can find their passwords, domain registrars close, platforms become obsolete — whatever the reason, we can help you gain access to your domain, website, and more, with the goal of securing long-term trusted access and better immediate hosting that makes sense for your business to build upon.
Redesign Launch
If your company is planning a website redesign, it is critical to do so under the supervision of SEO experts, to ensure your backend URL structure, categorization, sitemap, titling implementation, and general content strategy is suited for SEO success when you launch. Any web design company can make your new website design “look great”. But all the flashy transitions and graphical interfaces in the world won’t matter if they aren’t coded to rank. A qualified SEO is the only thing that can prevent your site redesign from taking one step forward, visually, but three steps back in terms of Google rankings.
Directory & Listing Syndication
While our focus is on-page, we realize that links still do matter. Especially trusted links and entity establishment on long-trusted listings and directories sites where your business could be included. Syndicating your business info and entity parameters across the web buttresses your online presence and fortifies the trust that Google will place upon your site, helping to validate SEO efforts that are being done concurrently. Essentially this is but a prong in a mult-pronged SEO strategy, and each of them amplify the others that are implemented.

SEO Industries

We’ve written extensively on why SEO-industry-specialists are sleazy salespeople that shouldn’t be trusted: SEO is SEO; nothing about being privy to your industry will give me a leg-up on re-sorting the Search Engine directory results. However, these are a few industries that we do a lot of work in, and can really benefit from a solid, competitive SEO outfit at the helm.

Dental SEO
There’s a big difference between an SEO outfit that “specializes” in a niche (like dental), rather than one that is actually good at SEO. This is simply because specializing in an industry-niche gives them a sales edge. SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization, and can help your dental practice take market share from your competitors from the most important terms that potential patients will use in Google when they have tooth pain, emergency dental needs, cosmetic dental needs, even a patient looking for dental surgery, etc.
Roofing SEO
Sometimes we choose target industries. Sometimes industries choose us. Through existing relationships and the general business landscape of our immediate geographic area, we entered into the roofing SEO space, which is actually quite competitive. Our results kind of speak for themselves. Contact us for more information about how we can evaluate an entire digital vertical, survey the battlefield that your business is a part of, and then go about developing a strategy for total domination of the front page of Google results for your desired keywords. We’re happy to talk shop.
Plumbing SEO
We’ve gone through a lot of testing and case studies in the plumbing industry, which is also quite competitive. The best part about being industry-focused is that we’ve seen how Google responds to certain keyword arrangements and totals, and the timelines associated with certain actions. For plumbing specifically, we were able to take a brand new site build to a referral-generating property in a few months of hard work. We continue to dial in our processes for plumbing SEO and we look forward to replicating these successes in other markets nationwide.
The great thing about HVAC is that there are so many keywords and opportunities for conversion in this industry. We’ve done HVAC SEO to great success in the Northeastern USA, and we’ve spent endless hours doing keyword research to find areas of related opportunity in keyword groups and search patterns by consumers needing HVAC and related services.
Nursing Home SEO
In yet another highly competitive search arena, we’ve dedicated significant resources toward finding what works and what doesn’t in nursing home SEO. We like working in industries that are high margin, long-term subscription services (such as elder care), due to the viability of a long-term partnership with that client in doing SEO long term and maintaining a top placement in Google searches for that partner.

Want to skip the details? This is what a basic SEO campaign looks like:

Market & Keyword Research

Market & keyword research is arguably the most important aspect of any SEO campaign. We find that the exercises involved in this process are integral to business development and the marketing direction as a whole. Google ranks its sites based on many things, one of which is click-through. Understanding your competition from this perspective can uncover so many things about your industry from a search dimension that you may not yet be aware of. This research proves to be invaluable not only for purposes of search, but for your business and staff on a general operational level.

Content Planning & Strategy

Based on Keyword Research, we can begin to strategize long-tail, low competition, high search volume keywords from which we can begin penetrating the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) within your targeted vertical. Based on this detailed market research, we can use that data to strategize what types of website content engages users on a site, what makes them click, and what is likely to actually convert those engagements into translation of quantifiable, trackable sales. The amount that we can learn from successful competition here is vast. This is where we put it into practice.

On-Page Optimization

PageSpeed, copywriting suggestions and edits, dealing with URL structure, HTML tags, markup language… this is where things get pretty nerdy. In many ways, this is the foundation on which our campaign is built. Many SEOs focus on link-building and off-page signals because it (used to be) a quick game that you can turn on and off at will. But solid On-Page will generally win the game on it’s own. In a world of increasing search turbulence within an algorithm that changes 600 times a year on average, it’s very important to focus on building this foundation.

Off-Page Optimization

This is not what it used to be. 10 years ago, it was all about backlinks. Now, be very careful with these. It’s easy to mess this up if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here, we focus on optimizing your Entity (NAP) within Google’s Knowledge Graph. A.I. scans the internet for keywords, and associates them to other entities and ideas. This way, text mentions & social shares very quickly become the ‘new links’ in SEO. As a Yext Partner, I find Directory & Listing syndication to be an integral piece of publishing content and local data across our network of authoritative local directories and data aggregators.

SEO Campaign Summary

Intentionally Unorthodox SEO

SEO goes so far beyond just editing web pages to increase your Google ranking. While that is a huge priority advantage to your business over the competition, it is just the main tent pole for an all-encompassing SEO campaign:

  • Improved Google and other search engine rankings for a wider range of search terms obviously increases site traffic, customer inquiries, and ultimately sales
  • Monthly reporting as part of your SEO campaign greatly clarifies your customer trends and shows your team valuable analytics with context that you can use to streamline your business
  • Entity establishment (development of your Google My Business page, etc.) further solidifies your business’ online identity and improves the functional utility of your online presence as a funnel to your website
  • On-page optimization and the increased traffic metrics it creates add value to your owned asset (your website), which increases the valuation of your company
  • Improved search rankings and the resulting inquiries from customers and clients literally increases demand for your services, which in turn allows you to charge more for its supply; it’s the most basic of economic formulas

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