We Specialize in Search Engine Optimization

We work around the clock to reverse-engineer Google Search and demystify what many purport to be a convoluted, ever changing process.

This website has been our strange experiment for quite some time, to that end. Over the coming months we'll continue some of our tests before culminating to a redesign from Wix to WordPress. 

It is important to always stay on top of turbulence and the changing state of search from month to month. Whether we are working together, or you are implementing SEO changes yourself, the pilot has to stay informed or someone else in the SERPs will...

A few of our services & specialities wherein:

Our Specialties:

​Our Specialties: 

  • Audience Research & Creation

  • Ergonomic Budget Management

​Our Specialties: 


Authoritative Associations

SEO Articles

by Jeremy S Bittle

I am writing a series of Articles on SEO entitled 'Authoritative Associations.' 

SEO in 2018, it's not about keyword stuffing, it's about associating your business entity, to other entities, ideas, surrounding the keywords for which you aim to rank. 

SEO Articles #1 & #2 can be found below:


Testimonials & Reviews

From Clients we Love.

"...It really did feel like a collaboration, and I love being kept in the loop and educated along the way. Within 6 months of implementing his strategy to boost my online presence he had me ranking locally/regionally first page on Google for several keywords important for my business success. He literally increased my search rank by 80,000%!..."

 - Rob Hickey, SEO Client, Rochester NY - 5 Stars - Full Review Here

"...It’s been less than a year since Jeremy has begun work on my site and SEO. I have new clients all the time, thanks to his work!..."

- Desiree Sale, SEO Client, Rochester, NY - 5 Stars - Full Review Here



Not a lot of people know this--I'm a nerd. 

(Here's a picture of me with glasses to prove it)

I grew up on Star Trek shows and Chess club like the rest of them. 

Instead of rocking the pocket protector I grew my hair out and wrote all sorts of music, shredding lead guitar and synth lines--After all, consonance & dissonance is all just math anyways...

However, it's not all about arithmetic and glasses, my 'nerdiness' prevailed in everything I pursued from Martial Arts, to Craft Cocktails, to Metaphysics. Didn't matter what it was, I delved in subjects to learn everything I could in order to develop new, unique conclusions based on my knowledge derived from previous experience and absorption.

In this way, today, I nerd out about Search Algorithms. SEO has been a relentlessly interesting industry in which to immerse myself. 

If you are a business owner, when we sit down to chat, we will get into all the nitty gritty details about Search Optimization and where your digital presence fits within. 

I try to be transparent about my process in such a way that you learn a thing or two about SEO--Hell, I'll teach you everything I know if you want. 

SEO is a funny mixture of extremely high-level encompassing knowledge, as well as very monotonous and tedious implementation. 

I'm happy to teach my clients as much as they'd like to learn because, the more you learn, the more my job security increases :)

Want to know how the Algorithm works? Give me a call. 


Proudly Based in Rochester, NY--

Serving SEO Clients Worldwide

Yes, believe it or not, with this mess of a Wix site we serve clients internationally. From Seattle, WA to Bristol, UK we work on SEO projects in a very wide variety of industries, with a wide variety of objectives, on a wide variety of Content Management Systems, even under a wide variety of company names; we also white label SEO services to other SEO Agencies. 

Here's a pic that describes what we look like after all that SEO action:

And yes, the company isn't just me anymore, we have a growing in-office team and a network of local specialists that we bring in when it's outside of our wheelhouse. One of these days we'll find the time to redesign the website, we'd really prefer WordPress. 

SEO Rochester NY

While we specialize in Search Engine Optimization, over the years we've had a lot of experience in Web Design, Social Media Advertising, and other aspects of Internet Marketing.

Some of our Internet Marketing Services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization for any industry, for any reason: Dental SEO, Home Contractors, Crisis Mitigation Campaigns (PR), Bury-Your-DWI, you name it.

  • Web Design Rochester NY: We love building ergonomic, technically solid WordPress websites!

  • Social Media Advertising: Don't go to that page it's really old. Mainly Facebook & LinkedIn. 

  • Graphic Design: We have enough talent in-house to consider this a service, but often we bring in an outside specialist, depends on the project & what is needed.

  • Custom Form Builds: We use Cognito Forms to code custom forms needed by some businesses to collect information where the information provided trigger events and other aspects of data collection


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