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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does JSB Collaborative provide?
Our main focus is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We have dozens of clients across many industries, service areas, and geographic locations (some even overseas). For more on our specific approach to SEO and its potential benefits to your business, visit our SEO page to learn more. Oftentimes SEO goes hand in hand with web design needs of a project. A client might need a brand new site developed, their existing site overhauled, or possibly just a few new pages to be created. And so we tackle projects needing web design or development seamlessly to integrate into an overall SEO campaign. For more on our web design & development capabilities, check out our web design page. Beyond these areas, we also do web hosting, website audits, and general web / SEO consulting.
What is Search Engine Optimization?
While there are many blogs that will tell you what they think it is, what it should be, or what it could be, we keep it pretty simple: it’s the practice of making you visible on the web. While there are many roundabout ways of doing that, we also keep our approach simple: we focus on your web pages (on-page optimization). Doing so makes your content as good as it can be, it improves the asset you own (your website), and it adds value and staying power to your domain. Check out our SEO page for more on our methods.
How long does it take for Search Engine Optimization to work?
We know you came here for definitive answers, but we’ve got to temper this one for a few reasons. Basically, “it depends”. It depends on the project starting point, it depends on the competitive landscape, and it depends a bit on Google! Essentially it doesn’t happen overnight; but the good news is that it’s just more of a reason to start as soon as possible. Check out our SEO page for much more on the implementation of SEO on your website.
What are the goals and objectives of Search Engine Optimization?
It’s not too complicated, but there are multiple moving parts. Basically the priority is to improve search rankings for your website for more keywords and queries that are important and relevant to your business. Secondary goals of our work with your business in the area of SEO is to provide analysis into your competitive vertical, and to show your team where your search traffic comes from. This additional level of information and reporting can help your business make informed decisions about a full-fledged web strategy. The long-term goal is that your experiences with us will help your business and its staff become well-versed in digital strategy, and your online presence will benefit from this for many years to come. Visit our SEO page for more information on what can be achieved through comprehensive SEO.
What is JSB Collaborative's approach to modern SEO?
Our area of focus is on-page optimization. It improves your content, adds value to your owned asset (your website), and it is within our direct control at all times. While we do plenty of things off the page to buttress these efforts, our approach is on-page. See why we do it this way on our SEO page.
What website platforms does JSB Collaborative specialize in?
We’re able to implement SEO on virtually any website platform, so it’s all good whatever your website resides on, currently. While there are limits to some platforms more than others, we’ve pretty much worked with them all. If we’re looking at building a new site, then we advise WordPress. Our web developers create great WordPress sites for virtually any business. Check out our Web Design & Development page for more info.
How much does web design and/or SEO cost?
Unlike other agencies, our pricing is relatively flexible. Website Development costs are one-time propositions, whereas ongoing SEO is usually a monthly commitment. We structure our pricing on the project scope, projected difficulty of project parameters, and many other factors. The good news is that we are a low overhead company with an agile team, and we’re therefore able to keep our pricing down to earth, and much lower than “Main Street Marketing Agencies” that have a 5,000 square foot high-rise office suite to pay off each month.
What's the difference between a website design project and an SEO campaign?
Our website design simply gets your content situated on an optimal platform that will achieve a great balance between user experience, conversion, and search rank. All of our website builds are created with robust SEO framework at the foundation level. Oftentimes this results in a good Google ranking once the site is launched as has some time to get crawled by Google and it gets its seat at the table. However, the digital landscape is constantly changing. Google’s search algorithms are always changing. Your business and its priorities are changing. All of these changes and fluid elements of your business and its online visibility require constant attention to maintain good positioning in Google searches. This is why SEO is a thing. To us, SEO means having someone in charge of your search traffic. If something changes, we adapt your website to those changes. If search ranking drops off for something you used to rank highly for, we find out why and we go about fixing it. SEO requires trial and error, A/B testing, and many other knobs and pulleys manipulated by qualified staff well-versed in modern-day search. If you can’t get to the front page of a priority search keyword, we work with you on a monthly basis to go about solving that mystery.
What if my business already has in-house or contracted web design, marketing, or seo?
That’s great news. We put “Collaborative” in the name because that’s what we do best. We’re happy to collaborate with your web team, marketing team, sales team — you name it. This is often the case for many of our clients. We are specialists in organic search. While you may have general marketing staff, organic search is a huge solar system inside of that larger universe. Whether you need an external audit, ongoing consultation, or someone to be in charge of your organic search traffic, we’re happy to be that extension of your team.

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