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Social Advertising

I have been finding Social Advertising help to be a serious need for businesses, especially in my area, Rochester NY. 

I was hesitant to add this to my services because, as soon as I say Social Media in a meeting, everyone thinks I'm talking about Likes and Smilies. 

The truth is, you don't have to use your Facebook page if you don't want to.

The page at bare minimum is used as a vessel, through which to run Ads.

This means, driving traffic directly to your Website. 

The point here is,

I'm not here to update your status, or get more Smilies on your page. 

As an SEO, I take a similar strategic approach to manipulating Facebook's algorithm to achieve results. 

That's the sort of person you want looking at your Ad Manager...

The Problem:

If you are already running Facebook Ads and you are:

  • Boosting Posts (Very bad practice 'social management')

  • Targeting by 'Liked Pages'

  • Optimizing Delivery for Page Post Engagement


You're doing it wrong. 

2-Hour Audit, Social Ad Consult & Training

There are a few options here. The former: I will come on-site, or via Screen Share, Audit your Ad Platform, and Consult the manager through the techniques I am constantly testing in-field that will optimize your Ad Budget in some remarkable ways. 

There are a lot of wrong ways to run ads on Social, let's clean this up, start targeting audiences in ways that show Facebook that you have relevance over.

The point here, is to get Cost-per-Click as low as possible, while increasing ad performance and conversion across a laser-specific demographic

On-Going Social Advertising Management

The latter option will bring me on-board to consult through the entire campaign, and I will physically run your ads on an on-going basis. 

This is where I get to split test all sorts of techniques, and get my hands dirty in the way you and your employees don't have time.

All-in-all, the objective will be to laser-focus an audience that put $ in the bank. Remember, you can't turn likes and smilies into dollars, but you sure can convert website traffic into customers. 

Let's Talk Social Ads.

Testimonials & Reviews

From Clients we Love.

"...It really did feel like a collaboration, and I love being kept in the loop and educated along the way. Within 6 months of implementing his strategy to boost my online presence he had me ranking locally/regionally first page on Google for several keywords important for my business success. He literally increased my search rank by 80,000%!..."

 - Rob Hickey, Rochester NY - 5 Stars - Full Review Here

"...It’s been less than a year since Jeremy has begun work on my site and SEO. I have new clients all the time, thanks to his work!..."

- Desiree Sale, Rochester, NY - 5 Stars - Full Review Here

Let's Chat. 

Shoot me an email, or give me a call.




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